Alvarez Baritone Acoustic Guitar ABT60X, Slight Blemish
Alvarez Baritone Acoustic Guitar ABT60X, Slight Blemish
Alvarez Baritone Acoustic Guitar ABT60X, Slight Blemish
Alvarez Baritone Acoustic Guitar ABT60X, Slight Blemish
Alvarez Baritone Acoustic Guitar ABT60X, Slight Blemish

Alvarez Baritone Acoustic Guitar ABT60X, Slight Blemish

Regular price $ 351.99
This guitar is a factory second, which means it has a minor cosmetic blemish.   The only blemish we can find on this one is a small mark, maybe a buffing mark, just above the nut.  Instead of the usual $439.99, this one with a blemish will be $351.99.
  • Top Wood:  Solid A+ Sitka Spruce
  • Body Finish:  Natural/Gloss
  • Back and Sides Wood:  African Mahogany
  • Shape:  Baritone
  • Neck:  Mahogany, 50/50 Semi gloss finish
  • Bridge:  Bi-Level Indian Laurel/Rosewood
  • Fingerboard:  Indian Laurel/Rosewood w/12th Fret Inlay
  • Nut and Saddle:  Real Bone
  • Tuner:  Premium Die Cast
  • Binding:  Ivory ABS
  • Strings:  D’Addario EXP23
  • Bracing Systems:  FST2 - Forward Shifted, Assymetric Tone Bars
  • Neck Joint:  Dovetail
  • Neck Meets Body:  14th Fret
  • Number of Frets:  21

Tuned from B to B, the ABT60 is pitched between a dreadnought and acoustic bass to give you deep tones with easy playability. Chord shapes and scales are the same as a standard six-string but the voicing is lower. This is one of Alvarez’s best-selling models and within five minutes of owning one you’ll see why. A great guitar to play.

After 50 years of making guitars, continual improvement through the use of emerging technologies, processes, and materials is still at the heart of our culture. Alvarez guitars are constructed correctly in every sense, from raw material preparation to construction and manufacturing processes. Our tone woods are carefully cured; our components such as neck blocks and wood joints are carefully designed. The painting, sanding and polishing techniques we use are continually researched and developed, and our tone is impeccably crafted and married to a stable, consistent and lively soundbox.

This caring approach to development comes from one simple goal: To deliver the best guitars in the market at every price point, instruments that are truly amazing value and offer a fantastic player experience.

We believe our multi award-winning Artist Series is one of the finest solid top guitar lines in the world today and demonstrates our commitment to design.

The term “solid top” of course refers to the soundboard of an acoustic guitar being made of solid wood, rather than being laminated. However, just because the top is solid, it does not necessarily mean the sound automatically benefits from this feature. The tone of the instrument only improves significantly when the whole guitar is built correctly to optimize the energy a solid soundboard can generate. Artist Series is built to do exactly this.

Each model is designed to get the best out of its components, and for them to work together to produce balance, lively projection and great response. These components include our FST2 bracing system, bi-level rosewood bridge, real bone nut and saddle, great quality tonewoods and thin finish.

FST2 is a forward shifted X brace design, this means the axis of the X is closer to the soundhole and therefore creates a larger soundboard area allowing for more energy and vibration to be harnessed. Both the X braces and asymmetric tone bars are carefully scalloped. The scalloping design was the result of years of continual development in our Yairi workshops.

Artist Series feel right and are exciting to play; no matter if you are strumming hard or picking lightly, the guitar will do what you ask of it. For a more focused sound with fewer overtones, choose a mahogany top. For power, go for Sitka. For warmth and response to a lighter touch, choose a Cedar top.

All of our tops are selected by our team and graded independently of our suppliers. If it isn’t worthy, we won’t use it. Top quality improves as you move up the Artist Series models but all are stiff and finely grained.

Along with a more angled headstock, our bi-level bridge increases string tension by making the break angel of the strings from the saddle to the top more acute. Improved string tension adds to our sound, feel and response, which are also heightened by the use of real bone nuts and saddles.

Artist Series also demonstrates our great finishing capabilities; the gloss models have a clear deep shine from a finish that is applied as thinly as possible, again to help optimize tone.

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