Amp Jack, Mono

Amp Jack, Mono

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This 4-pin, PC board mount, 1/4" phone jack replaces broken input jacks found in many Fender amps from 1988 to 1999. Found in Hot-Rod Deville, Hot-Rod Deluxe, Blues Deville, Blues Deluxe, Pro Junior, Sidekick, and BXR100 amps as well as many others.

Used as a Preamp Out Jack for Hot-Rod & Blues, Deluxe & Deville model amplifiers.

This jack is mono, using 2 of the 4 pins. The other 2 pins are an isolated break circuit (a normally closed SPST switch).

Includes Chrome Nut and Washer
4-Pin PC Mount
Fender Part Number: 099-0912-000

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