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Booze Blues Guitar Slide (Bottleneck), Hand-Made in Mississippi

Booze Blues Guitar Slide (Bottleneck), Hand-Made in Mississippi

$ 15.00

Crafted from real wine bottles, Booze Blues Guitar Slides are handmade in Artesia, Mississippi, by craftsman David Langford.

Being handmade, each one is unique and slightly different from the others.

Lengths available ar 2", 2.25", and 2.5".  Between the cutting and polishing processes, these lengths will vary slightly but will be very close to one of those three lengths.

Colors are green, brown, and clear.  Colors shown here are representative since actual colors vary slightly from bottle to bottle.  Clear bottlenecks may be perfectly clear, or have a slight tint (usually very light blue) to the glass.

IMPORTANT NOTE: 90% of wine bottles have a slight curve or surface defect in the glass neck. These are rejected by David, and the remaining 10% are used to make the slides.   

Inside diameters also vary.  If you have larger-then-most fingers, feel free to call Allen at Backstage Music, and he'll measure some slides to help you find the one you need.


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