Curt Mangan  Matt Schofield Signature Acoustic Strings, 11-54
Curt Mangan

Curt Mangan Matt Schofield Signature Electric Strings, 11-54

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Matt Schofield Signture Set (11-14-18-28-38-54). Matt had been purchasing our 11-48 set and buying an extra single 54 wound. We were honored create a set for Matt that was exactly what he wanted.
"All my guitars are strung with Curt Mangan ' Matt Schofield Signature nickel-wound strings in gauge 11-14-18-28-38-54. I discovered Curt's strings by chance a few years ago, and quickly realized they were the best I'd ever tried. Aside from the great tone and feel, I've never broken a single one on a show. In fact, I used graphite saddles on many guitars to prevent breakage before discovering Curt's strings, which allowed me to go back to my preferred steel saddles."

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