D'Addario DIY Pedalboard Power Cable Kit (Complete!)

D'Addario DIY Pedalboard Power Cable Kit (Complete!)

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Running power to the various parts of your pedal board no longer has to leave a stringy mess.  "One size fits all" power chains never really fit, and if a cable break or cable failure occurs, the whole chain can go down. Not good.  So very, very not good.

D'Addario has come up with a solution that the boys at Backstage really like.  This is it, the DIY Solderless Cable Kit. The kit includes:

  • 12 solderless straight/right-angle plugs
  • 20' of heavy, copper power cable
  • Mini cable cutter (for neat ends)
  • Screwdriver (the correct one)
  • Cable tester

The plugs that go into the pedal will work as either straight or right-angle plugs, so no matter how your pedals are set up, you can have a clean, good-fitting power cable.

The D'Addario proprietary cable has three times as much copper as the leading daisy chain, so the power your pedals need is there when they need it.

Instructions are included, making this such as simple process that even Allen can do it.  That's about as simple as it gets!

Model number for this is PW-PWRKIT-20.

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