G&L Tribute ASAT Classic, Butterscotch Blond, New

G&L Tribute ASAT Classic, Butterscotch Blond, New

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It's been a long time since G&L had a butterscotch blond ASAT in the Tribute series, but now they do.

The swamp ash body peeks out through the translucent blond finish, so all the grain beneath shines.  A single ply black pickguard invokes images of the 50's, but the hard-hitting MFD single coil pickups are pure balls-to-the-wall. modernity.  The slick tinted gloss neck feels fast.  

These photos are of the exact guitar we are selling.  The serial number shows in our photos.  All photos were taken at Backstage Music, no stock photos are used. 

The black pickguard has a clear plastic film over it to protect it from scratches.  The plastic film doesn't look great in the photos, but the black pickguard underneath is immaculate.  The new owner gets to peel off the film. 

The exact G&L model number for this darlin' is TI-ACL-124R39M50.

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