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JJJ Special Pre-Amp/ Boost Pedal #SG33

JJJ Special Pre-Amp/ Boost Pedal #SG33

$ 150.00 $ 250.00

This is a booster for guitar, designed to provide gain across the entire frequency spectrum, from 1.5 Hz to as far north as the Megahertz band. Each pedal is handmade and individually numbered. Each case has slightly different cosmetics.

The pedal produces more pronounced harmonic frequencies and the boost effect is accentuated at higher gain settings. Used on the front end of the guitar signal (or by itself) with a modest tube amplifier, the tubes will work better, and clear whistling feedback can be produced. Solid state amps also have equally pleasing results.

The circuit is dynamic and touch-sensitive. The harder you hit the strings, the more the circuit clips and rocks. Turn up the amp and it's a swinging tree trunk. Touch the strings gently, it adds the sparkle of a clear mountain stream. Your guitar's volume and tone knobs will have a wider range.

Each pedal includes a letter from J.C. Long (the designer and builder), the completion date, and a set of performance characteristics charts.

Minimum gain: 3.8 dB

maximum gain: 21.97 dB

Freq response: 1.5 Hz to well into the MegaHertz band

3 dB bandwidth: 150kHz

Unity gain freq: 2.2 MHz

Power Supply: 9v DC, center ground


This pedal is designed and hand-built in the United States of America by a U.S. veteran who just happens to also be an electrical engineer. He's the real deal.

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