NUX B-2 Wireless Guitar System, Replaces Your Guitar Cable

NUX B-2 Wireless Guitar System, Replaces Your Guitar Cable

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This is sooo cool.  The NUX B-2 is a simple wireless rig that takes the place of your guitar cable, and allows you the freedom of being up to 100 feet away from your amp, and you'll still be connected.  It operates in the 2.4 Gigahertz range, so you've got a pretty solid noise-free connection.  Just in case, you can switch between four different channels.

The slim transmitter slips into your guitar's output jack, and the slender receiver slips into your amp's input jack.  Power them up, and you're connected. Both halves recharge using a USB cable, and one charge is good for 10-14 hours of use (on average).  NUX says "up to 20 hours", and that may be right, but we know it'll go 10-14 hours without issue.

We've tested them here in the store, and they work well with both acoustic and electric instruments.  Guitar, bass, anything that usually requires an instrument cable can be connected using the B-2.    A five-year warranty makes the B-2 an easy choice to make. 

  • 2.4 GHz interference-free signal frequency
  • 48kHz - 32-bit audio quality
  • 15 meter (50 feet) operation range (Up to 30 meters in open air)
  • < 5 ms latency, no lag or signal loss
  • Up to 20 hours battery life.
  • Auto-sleep energy saver modeGuitar friendly, adjustable plug smart-design

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