Outlaw "Deputy Marshall", Plexi Style Distortion Mini Pedal
Outlaw Effects

Outlaw "Deputy Marshall", Plexi Style Distortion Mini Pedal

Sale price $ 55.00 Regular price $ 67.00

Plexi style distortion pedal in a tiny package.  Requires 9V DC power supply, will not hold a 9V battery.

Knob controls are level, tone, and gain.  Toggle switch controls bright and normal options.  

When these tiny little guys first arrived at Backstage, we were thinking their size and price might reflect the quality of their sound.  Boy, were we wrong.  Matt tried this one, and it took all we could do to get him to stop playing it. 

From the Outlaw Pedals website:

Capture the unmistakable sound of Plexi-era British tube amps that defined the classic rock era.

Full-stack character without the vintage amp price tag.

Gain, Tone and Volume controls allow you to dial in your distortion tone with precision.

Bright/Normal toggle switch offers even more versatility, with beefed-up highs just a flick of a switch away.

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