Outlaw Six-Shooter II Chromatic Tuner Mini Pedal
Outlaw Effects

Outlaw Six-Shooter II Chromatic Tuner Mini Pedal

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With a bright display and easy-to-read output, this is a great addition to any pedal board.  No calibration, with A440 at all times, there's no chance this tuner will get confused or have you tuned wrong.  Requires a 9V power supply.

Even in the daylight at Backstage, this lights up really well.

Here's what the Outlaw Pedals website has to say:

Chromatic tuner suitable for a wide range of instruments.

LCD display provides a clear visual reference of your note.

Signal is muted when tuning. True Bypass switching retains the purity of signal when not in use.

Quicker, more accurate, and larger screen than original SIx Shooter.

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