Peavey 118D Powered Subwoofer, NEW

Peavey 118D Powered Subwoofer, NEW

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Trying to get a good sounding lower-end response from conventional speaker cabinets is usually a losing proposition.  Long before you get the bottom end effect you want, either the volume is way too high or the speakers are distorting.

Backstage can solve that problem for you with this 18" sub.  It's powered, so it needs no amp to drive it.  It has its own built-in crossover, so you can run a full-spectrum signal into the back. 

Simply plug it up, turn it on, and dial up a much bass as you want.  Your tunes will sound full, with lots of low-end response, and the volume will still be low enough your guests can talk to each other.

Another benefit of a sub is that they typically are used as singles, rather than in pairs.  Place the sub anywhere in the room, and the bass response is pretty consistent throughout the listening area.   

300-watt Active Subwoofer with 18" Woofer, Linkwitz-Riley 120Hz Crossover, Bass Contour Circuit, and DDT Compression.

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