Peavey Escort 3000 Portable PA System, New

Peavey Escort 3000 Portable PA System, New

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Backstage Music has sold a lot of these portable PA systems, because they fix a lot of problems for the traveling presenter.  Evangelists, small vocal groups, music combos, and dinner performers have found that having a six-channel (plus a media channel) PA in a rolling suitcase is an easy way to show up, set up, and make the performance work.

Each of the six inputs handle either a 1/4" jack or an XLR (standard 3 pin microphone) jack. You can also play music from any source that has RCA outputs (red/white jacks), USB (such as a thumbdrive thumbdrive), or a 3.5mm jack (such as a laptop, iPhone cable, etc.).  

Closed, this rolls in just like a modern rolling suitcase.  Open, you've got speakers, storage for mics, a powered mixer, speakers stands, etc.  

  • 300 Watts (150 x 2)
  • Two-way speaker system with 10" woofer
  • 7 Channels
  • Custom rubberized knobs
  • 6 combination XLR 1/4" inputs
  • RCA/3.5 TRS media inputs
  • USB MP3 plackback
  • Patented FLS® (Feedback locating system)
  • Digital multi-effects
  • Mid-morph®
  • LCD screen for ease of file playback and effect selection
  • Seven-band graphic equalizer
  • Two folding speaker stands
  • Two 15' speaker cables
  • Storage compartment for optional accessories
  • Convenient package with luggage-style wheels
  • Weight Unpacked: 52.50 lb

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