Rapco Speaker Cable, Zip Cord, 50' Long

Rapco Speaker Cable, Zip Cord, 50' Long

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This cable uses two parallel conductors with surface printing in white ink on one leg for polarity indication. Using rugged PVC jacket material and standard nickel-plated 1/4 inch connectors, zip series cable is a good value.
16 gauge, all come standard with 1/4 inch.

ƒ?› Heavy duty durable PVC jacket

ƒ?› Parallel conductor design ƒ?? ƒ??zip styleƒ??

ƒ?› Pure copper strands for excellent sound reproduction

ƒ?› Hand soldered, high quality metal 1/4 inch connectors

ƒ?› Individually tested for performance and quality

The boys at Backstage like using these cables for speakers, since it's hard to confuse these with instrument cables.

Cable: Z16GA
Conductor Gauge: (2)16 gauge
Insulation: PVC
Jacket: PVC
Voltage Rating: 300 Volt max DC or AC
Temp Rating: 60 degrees C wet/dry
O.D.: 0.145" x 0.285"

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