Sabian SR2 14" Light Hi-Hat (Pair)

Sabian SR2 14" Light Hi-Hat (Pair)

Regular price $ 199.99

The SR2 line of Sabian cymbals isn't really a line, it's more of an opportunity.  Sabian sends lots of new, high-end cymbals (such as AA, AAX, HH, HHX, Vault, etc.) out to trade shows, exhibitions, and events for artist endorsers.  Once the event is over, those cymbals come back to Sabian, where they are refinished to remove all identifying marks, and then stamped as SR2  cymbals.

That means an SR2 is a refinished, high-end Sabian cymbal priced for about what the same cymbal, used, would cost.  

Photos below are of the actual cymbal being sold in this listing.

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