VHT Special 8/8 Guitar Amp Head

VHT Special 8/8 Guitar Amp Head

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The Special 8/8 “Double Eight” features a unique dual output-stage design, with two cathode-biased 6L6GC tubes connected in parallel, and with a separate Master Volume control for each tube. It can accept a wide variety of tubes, including EL34, KT66 and KT88, etc., plus you can mix different output tube types and blend their volume levels with the separate Master Volume controls.

The “Double Eight” also has a 2-position Voltage switch that can lower the tube’s operating voltage to accommodate 6V6 and EL84 output tubes so you can mix and match different output tube types (VHT 6V6 to EL84 adapters required for operation with EL84s).

The output stage also features VHT’s unique 6-position rotary Depth control and 3-position Texture switch.

The preamp section features a single 12AX7, with a Volume control, single Tone control and footswitchable variable Boost control.

The preamp can also accept a wide variety of tubes, such as 5751, 12AT7, 12AY7 and other tubes types with similar pin configuration.

The pedal-friendly “Double Eight” also has a tube-powered effects loop and VHT’s onboard 9-volt DC output for powering pedals directly from the amp.

Unique Parallel Single-Ended
Two 6L6 Output Tubes
One 12AX7 Preamp Tube
8 + 8 Watts

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