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New Arrivals April 15, 2014
Epiphone Les Paul Plus Pro, rich Vintageburst finish, one of the prettiest Les Pauls we have seen.  Mahogany body, carved maple top, twin humbuckers.   This is a "Plus" top, and being the Pro model, both humbuckers have coil taps. Simply lift the volume knobs, and instant single coil sound.   $424.95.
Don saw these two and immediately said "Everybody likes a redhead with a blond.".  Can't disagree.  The blond is a natural finish Epiphone Dot,  $385.99, and the redhead is an Epiphone Riviera P93 Limited, $459.

Shades of AC/DC.  Two SGs, side by side.  The faded cherry is an SG G400, $299.99, and the black finish is an Epiphone SG G400 Pro, with coil taps, $329.99.
Last but not least, here's a nice, quilt top, Ibanez GRX700A, with tremolo bridge, $199.99.


F-Body Mandolin Re-Do


One of our good customers dropped off this f-body mandolin last week.  Seems the mandolin had fret buzz, some other issues, and no pickup.  This afternoon, Tony showed off the refreshed mandolin, proving, once again, that he's much more than just a "guitar doctor".

Frets are now leveled and smoothed, plays like a dream, and it's now got that great Fishman bluegrass mandolin pickup installed.

Clean installations, great repairs, and happy customers keep our repair shops full (and keeps Tony pretty much fully occupied).


Free shipping on all guitars. No sales tax outside of Mississippi.


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