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Backstage Guitar In Baghdad, Iraq

Backstage Music Fender Strat in IraqLast month a group of Iraqi exchange students were visiting MSU and Starkville, and on their last day here,

Badr Azzam Al-Nu'aimi, a medical student from Baghdad,
came by backstage Music and fell in love with a fender Strat we had in the store.
The Start had been modded to match David Gilmour's Strat. EMG pickups, short whammy bar, and other mods gave this guitar David's signature sound.
After about an hour of checking freight rates and other ways of getting this guitar back to Iraq, Badr was able to spread his carry-on gear out among his friends, carry the basics as his carry-on, and he put this guitar in the plane's hold as his one allowed piece of checked luggage. We boxed it well enough to be gorilla-proof, and he left for home.
Badr made it to Baghdad with his new ride, sent us this photo,  and messaged us "I'm practicing on this babe everyday".


Around the block, or around the world, Backstage is here for you, and has been since 1978.

For Our 6th and 7th Grade Parents

6th and 7th grade parents already know that money is hard to come by.  It's hard to earn, and even harder to hang onto.  Backstage Music in Starkville is here to take the unnecessary pressure off of your family's band budget.

Before you rent an instrument from anyone, give us a call and check our rental plan on top-of-the-line instruments like the Yamaha trumpet shown here.  Especially if you are in Starkville, you need to check out the plan at Backstage Music. If you don't, you could easily be throwing away hundreds of dollars that you could have kept. Call us at 662-323-3824.

Take the trumpet shown above as an example.  That trumpet rents for a total of $25.68 each month.  That's less than half of what it costs to rent from most other plans. Oh, and there is no deposit, and no minimum number of months you have to rent.  That $25.68 is the total amount, with no surprises.  The breakdown is $20 rent, $4 maintenance and replacement, and $1.68 sales tax.

If you like that price, we have the same price on student flutes, clarinets, trombones, and other instruments.  An alto sax is a bit higher, at $43.87 per month (still less than half of many other plans).

We stock major name brands such as Conn, Yamaha, Selmer, Gemeinhardt, Jupiter, and other brands you'll recognize.

Oh, and if your student goofs up his or her instrument (it happens, believe me, it happens), just bring the instrument over to Backstage, we'll hand you a loaner instrument on the spot while we repair yours, and your child will never miss a day of band class.

Backstage Music's instrument rental program is backed by the full strength and integrity of Veritas Instrument Rental, one of America's largest and most respected music education rental companies.  We're proud to qualify as a Veritas Affiliate, and we'll work hard to make sure you can always do your rentals right here in Starkville.

Come see us, and let us take the pressure off your family's budget.

If you're outside the Starkville area, rent online from us by visiting our rental site.  You'll need this code:  tr54e. Same low prices, same high quality instruments, delivered right to your door.  It just doesn't get any easier than that.

Alvarez AF60 Sunburst Demo

Renowned guitarist Drew Dieckmann gives the Alvarez AF60 folk guitar a whirl.  Bone nut and bone saddle, lacquer finish (not poly finish), solid A+ Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and side, all in all, a very, very cool guitar.  Give Drew a listen, and see what you think.

Backstage stocks this guitar, new, for $319.99.  (That's not a misprint.  $319.99.)  Come see us, we're here every day except Sunday, 10-6, or give us a call at 662-323-3824.  A real person (not a machine) will answer.


Alvarez AD30 Acoustic Dreadnought

Drew Dieckmann does a demo with an Alvarez AD30 acoustic guitar.  Bone nut and bone saddle, coupled with a solid spruce top and a lacquer finish make for one good sounding guitar, and all for $229.99.

We don't know how Alvarez does it, we're just glad they do.


Aquila Red Low G Uke Strings Explained


Fender Start, MIM, Gilmour Mods

Fender MIM Stratocaster, lots of Gilmour style modsJust put on the wall, here's a Fender Standard Strat, made in Mexico, that's very clean, with lots of cool mods.  The pickguard has been swapped out for a single-ply example, and the top is loaded with EMG pickups and EMG pre-amp (think "David Gilmour", and you've got it).   Add the Gilmour-style short trem arm, Fender locking tuners, a fresh set up, and new strings, and you've got a killer axe for $450.

Only one of these at this price. First-come, first-happy.

Kala U-Bass In Stock

Kala U Bass at Backstage Music, Starkville, MS

The Kala U-BASS is truly a ground breaking short scale bass that produces the same pitches as a standard bass instrument and is tuned in traditional bass tuning, E-A-D-G.

The U-BASS is strung with proprietary strings that incorporate a great bass feel with balanced tension. The U-BASS is a true pleasure to play, and the tone that these instruments produce is amazing.
Poplar body
Bolt-on Maple neck with rosewood fretboard
HIPSHOT licensed tuning machines
Rosewood nut
SHADOW active pickup system with volume control and 2-band EQ
Proprietary Polyurethane strings
U-Bass logo gig bag included

If you haven't tried the new Kala U Bass, you're in for a treat.  This red, solid-body U Bass plays great, sounds even better, and you can carry it in your back pocket.  Okay, well, not really, but it is pretty darn small and lightweight.

Come give it a test drive, and see what you think.

$449.00 plus tax, which includes the nice gig bag.

F-Body Mandolin Re-Do


One of our good customers dropped off this f-body mandolin last week.  Seems the mandolin had fret buzz, some other issues, and no pickup.  This afternoon, Tony showed off the refreshed mandolin, proving, once again, that he's much more than just a "guitar doctor".

Frets are now leveled and smoothed, plays like a dream, and it's now got that great Fishman bluegrass mandolin pickup installed.

Clean installations, great repairs, and happy customers keep our repair shops full (and keeps Tony pretty much fully occupied).


Free shipping on all guitars. No sales tax outside of Mississippi.


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