Guitar One Polish and Cleaner (by Music Nomad)
Music Nomad

Guitar One Polish and Cleaner (by Music Nomad)

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This is a great, all-purpose cleaner and polish.  It has a happy, bubble-gum sort of scent that we like a lot, but it's a serious shop product that we rely on, especially when we have a guitar that's seen a bit of neglect.  

Here's what the Music Nomad folks have to say about it:

“Voted 1 of 20 Best Music Products by US Dealers – Music Inc. Magazine”

Complete Guitar Maintenance in ONE bottle

Clean, Polish, Wax & Protect in ONE easy step

Pro Strength Formula

Proprietary Formulation

UV Protectants to Deter Sun Damage

Special Formulation

Smells Great

100% PET Bottle - the most friendly recyclable plastic on Earth

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