Shipping Information

Most of our shipments are done using the US Postal Service and UPS.  

Packages that weight 16 ounces or less will ship First Class with a tracking number. Most guitar parts, strings, etc. will weigh a lot less than 16 ounces, even when packaged.

Packages heavier than 16 ounces will go either Postal Service Priority, or UPS.  We'll make that choice after getting your items packaged, and looking at which choice will give you the best service.

The Postal Service picks up here between 10 AM and noon, Monday-Saturday.

UPS picks up here daily, Monday-Friday, between noon and 2 PM.

Due to these pickup schedules, orders made after 10 AM may not actually be picked up until the next day, though we'll try our best to get everything out as soon as possible.

If you have any special requests for shipping, call Allen at 662-323-3824, and he'll do his best to make things good for you.