Alto Total Bluetooth to XLR Converter

Alto Total Bluetooth to XLR Converter

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This is a great solution for making your powered speaker or mixer Bluetooth enabled.

Just plug the converter into a female XLR input of the back of your powered speaker or into one mixer channel, and this cool little device will channel a Bluetooth signal into the XLR input.

Now you can stream "gig break music" or backing tracks or party music into your mixer or speaker, straight from an iPhone, Android, iPad, or any other Bluetooth enabled device. 

You can also use these in stereo, which means you can pair one Alto Total converter with another Alto Total, and run your steaming signal into two powered speaker (or mixers).

Easy solution for getting rid of dangerous cables your guests can trip over.

Please note the Alto converter has a male XLR end, so it will plug into only a female XLR jack.

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