Foster Speaker Diaphragm

Foster Speaker Diaphragm

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Replacement for several Foster, Fostex, Cerwin Vega, Roland, and SWR models.
Specs: Impedance: 8 ohm, DCR: 7 ohm, Voice coil: 1" (25mm), Diameter: 1-3/4" (45mm), Length: 2-7/8" (72mm), Phenolic dome with copper voice coil on Nomex former
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Compatible with: Foster: N-30, N30, N 30, N08, 025H30, H025N30, H025N27, 025N27, H025N28, FT-300H, FT 300H, FT-500H, FT 500H, FT500H, HT 404, HT-405, HT 405, HT-406, HT 406, HT-407, HT 407, HT-408, HT 408, HT-410, HT 410, HT 411, HT-412, HT 413, PHT-404, PHT 404, PHT-405, PHT 405, PHT-406, PHT 406, PHT-408, PHT 408, PHT-408, PHT 408, PHT-410, PHT 410 Fostex: FT300H, HT404, HT-404, HT411, HT-411, HT413, HT-413 Ampeg: 86-515-08 Crate: PE-15H, PE 15H, UFM-15H, UFM15H, UFM 15H Carvin: 025N01D, TR1502 Cerwin Vega: C-8G, C8G, C 8G
Compatible with: Community: Electro-Voice, EV: 85705, 800571, FRi-2082, FRi-28lpm, Force i Monitor, Force i Monitor-e Mackie: TH-12, TH-15 P-Audio: HT-406, HT406 Roland: KC-500, KC 500, KC-550, KC 550 Selenium: RP-DT150, RP DT150, SHS Sound Tech: CST-12, CX-4 Sunn: SWR: SWR Goliath, SWR Redhead, SWR Megoliath Tosh: TE 12H, TE12H Traynor: CS-115H, FH27, JAY-68625 JAY68625 Yorkville: X-Tealth: HT-406, HT406

Actual diaphragm may differ is appearance from the photo, but will work the same.

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