Franklin Cognac Glove Leather Vintage Strap With Shoulder Pad
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Franklin Cognac Glove Leather Vintage Strap With Shoulder Pad

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Vibe, vibe, vibe, vibe.  This strap has vibe, lots and lots of it.  The cognac color is stylish without conforming, and the shoulder pad harkens back to an era when function superseded style.  Mix the style and the function in the right ratio, and this strap is what you get.

Whether you are looking for the vintage style strap that was mandatory for the original rock icons, the British Invasion, or today’s roots-oriented players, or if you just desire simplicity driven by pure function, this strap delivers. We started with vintage styling and imbued it with the Franklin design perspective. The deeply oiled glove leather, mated with natural contrasting stitching, gives this strap an elegant, tailored look that is all business. The leather shoulder pad is backed with the same supple glove leather for extra comfort. We also added our proprietary Franklin styling to the shoulder pad, making the strap distinctive, but subtle.

Glove leather w/suede backing, natural stitching and 2.5″ shoulder pad

Model V1-CG-N

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