On-Stage Amp Wedge Stand for Combo Guitar Amps
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On-Stage Amp Wedge Stand for Combo Guitar Amps

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The first time we saw an Amp Wedge at Backstage Music, it was sort of a "huh?" moment.  It was way too simple, it just couldn't be anything more than a gimmick.  

As soon as we slid it under a Classic 30, we knew our first impression was wrong.  Very wrong.  Way, way wrong.

This cool little device tilts a combo amp back 30 degrees, directing the sound slightly up instead of straight out.  Not only was it easier to hear the amp, but it was also easier to see front-mounted controls.  When not being used, the Amp Ramp folds flat and fits easily in the back of just about any combo amp. 

In short, this little amp-tilter is brilliant. 


On-Stage RS-100 amp Tilt System

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