Direct Box OSS DB500
Direct Box OSS DB500
Direct Box OSS DB500
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Direct Box OSS DB500

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This is a small footprint, compact, solidly built direct box that does all the things you expect from a direct box, plus it has a ground-lift switch.  

DB500 Passive DI Box converts any high-impedance 1/4" source to a low-impedance XLR signal ready to send via a long cable run to a mixer or PA system. Features include low-distortion passive circuitry that doesn't require power, a -20 dB or -40 dB pad switch to prevent clipping, a ground-lift switch to defeat ground-loop hum, and a throughput connector to pass unaltered signal to a stage amp. Its heavy-duty metal enclosure protects the internal components and ensures reliable performance.

Sound like complicated jargon? Okay, maybe it does.  So, here is what this magic box lets you do.  One example:  You want to plug your guitar into the house sound system, and the mixer that will receive your signal is 150 feet away.  You guitar cable is only 20' long.  You plug your guitar cable into this direct box, and then run an XLR cable as far as necessary, and plug it into the mixer.  Another example:  Your keyboard output needs to be converted to XLR so it will plug into the XLR floor pockets on the stage.  This direct box does that conversion for you.  If you plug in and hear a ground hum, just push the little switch on the side, and the hum goes away. 

This little magic box fixes a lot of problems.

  • Converts a high-impedance (1/4") input to a balanced, low-impedance (XLR) output
  • Output signal can be sent via a long cable to a mixer or PA system without frequency loss
  • Passive circuit does not require a power supply or batteries
  • High-quality transformer for low distortion and an isolated signal path

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