Birthday Gifts For You!

May 3, 2022 is our 44th birthday here at Backstage Music.  To help celebrate our birthday, we're going to be giving away birthday gifts to our friends, kind of like Bilbo giving gifts to all who attended his Eleventy-First birthday party. 

Each Monday in May, we'll draw a name to receive a gift, and then announce the next week's gift.  

Entering the drawing is easy.  Come by the store and drop your name in the birthday box (no more than once per day), or buy something from us on BackstageMusic.Com.   Either way gets your name in the birthday box for all of May.  Even if your name is picked for a gift, we'll drop it back in so you have another chance to win.

We like coming to the store each day, and getting to see y'all is the biggest reason why.  

Happy Birthday to us.  Birthday gifts to you.  What a fun way to celebrate!

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