A customer called and we did a custom fit for a Booze Blues slide over the phone.  Here's what he said after he got it.

I wanted to let you know that I just received my new Booze Blues slide and it's perfect! Since it has a slight flare to it, I can wear it interchangeably on either my pinkie or ring finger, depending upon my mood, just by flipping it over. The fact that it was made in Mississippi, home to some of the best blues on the planet, only adds to its cred... Ha! Ha!  (Wayne Perryman, January 2017)

We sold an Alvarez acoustic bass and case to a customer in Arkansas, and she seems pretty pleased with how things went.  This is reprinted with her permission.

I just received the bass and case I ordered for my son's birthday.  It is stunning.  The care you took in packing it was beyond perfection!  Mr. McBroome, the case you found is amazing. I had no idea that Alvarez made such beautiful cases. I will definitely be shopping with you again. As far as I'm concerned,  there is no better music store, anywhere. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me. I can't wait to see my son's reaction next Sunday! Again, thank you!   (Sherry Johnson, Jan. 2017)

We sold a Recording King RO-10 guitar to a customer a bit over a year ago, and Tony put a Fishman Matrix Infinity pickup in it for him. We got this email last week, and re-printed it here, with his permission.  (We think he writes pretty well for a university professor.)

Your friend David here.
As you know, I had to be out of town for a few days this week.  Yesterday, I had a FEW extra minutes and stopped by a southern Florida (major music store name deleted) store.  My mission:  to actually play a Martin 000 "Eric Clapton" signature guitar.  I wanted to actually see how it played and, of course, what it sounded like.
Fortunately, they had the very guitar I was looking for and were nice enough to let me play it.  I played 3 or 4 of my finger-picking "memory" songs.  I also played a Taylor that the salesman recommended.
Did I mention that the "Eric Clapton" guitar was selling for something like $3,695 (I'm not sure about this price).
To cut to the chase, I believe I can honestly say that the $3,695 Martin sounded no better than my Recording King, which - as you know - was about 1/10 the price.  Of course, I did not do a head-to-head comparison, but I know what my Recording King sounds like.
Thanks again for the counsel you gave me when I purchased this guitar.  It's the perfect guitar for me; I couldn't be happier.
Warm Regards,
David Easley  (Spring, 2013)

 We shipped a used Recording King resonator guitar (with a Fishman pickup installed) to a new customer in Kansas.  He got the guitar off of UPS, and was pretty happy with what he got.  We spoke on the phone after it arrived, and he sent us this email:

Allen:  All unpacked....no damage at all. Looks great, sounds great in open chords, now comes the work. Thanks again for all your help. It has been a great experience.  I would gladly give my endorsement!!

Scott Adams, Emporia, Kansas  (January, 2013)

 We shipped a Loar LH-309-VS to a customer in Atlanta, and he sent us this email:

Thanks so much for your help with my purchase of The Loar.
My LH-309-VS is everything I need in an acoustic electric and the weight, balance, sound, and neck are all very good.
It arrived well packaged, without a scratch and in a timely manner, the Guardian case you recommended does the job it is supposed to do as well.  It came strung with 15-056 nickel wound which may be OK for Stevie Ray Vaughn (before he died) but was a bit much for me so I put some flat wound strings on it of smaller dimensions that would suffice for my amateur finger pads.  The pickup and tone control are definitely acceptable.
You took good care of me and I appreciate that and was comfortable with your service.
I doubt that I'll be doing any professional gigs with The Loar but my guitar teacher has one as well and he makes a living with his axe.
Your service and professional attitude were A+.
It is OK with me to use this note as a testimonial.
Tell Jim I said hey.
Yours truly;
Jesse E Brown, DVM, PhD (Fall, 2012)

Here's an email and photo we got after shipping a Loar 309 to a customer in Texas:

Center stage: Peter and his Loar LH-309-VS at the House of Blues

I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for working so hard to get me the right Loar 309 VS in my hands!  As you know I had purchased one from another dealer and was not satisfied with the guitar due to a bump on the binding near the fret board.  After returning the guitar at my own expense I was told that the defect was considered standard craftsmanship by the dealer.  I was somewhat dismayed until I had a chance to visit with you on the phone.  You assured me that The Loar standards and craftsmanship were very high, and that I should expect nothing but excellence from the manufacturer.  When you told me that you would personally contact your Loar representative in California to hand select a guitar for me I was sold!

The fact that you contacted THE LOAR personally and relayed my story, and had your LOAR representative hand pick a 309 VS for me, is service above and beyond what I have experienced with any dealer. The guitar looks, sounds and plays like a dream.

I truly appreciate you and the level of service Backstage Music provided me.  The personal hand written follow up note you sent is a level of service of days gone by.  I have enclosed a picture of the guitar on its first stage gig at the House of Blues in Dallas,Texas.

Thanks Again,

Pete Gargiulo,  Ft. Worth, Texas (Spring, 2012)

We shipped a new Loar LH-350-VS and case to Illinois.  I asked our customer to let me know when it arrived, and we got this via email:

It's here! A message from my boyfriend Kevin, the guitarist:
"Plays great, sounds great. And looks gorgeous. Just what I was looking for. Many thanks for the help!"
Thanks again for the awesome customer service. Rest assured we'll be checking your shop out the next time we're on the market!

-Jody Waitzmann  (Summer, 2012)

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